2020, what is “re-wilding”?

2019 was the year of getting my **** together. It was the year of hospital visits and the realization that “Mrs. Phelps, your diet isn’t great, your stress is really high and there’s nothing the doctors in the office can help you with.”

So I hired a therapist, took my meds, did two full elimination diets, made an actual budget, did meditation, actually went to the gym, got an instapot and took some classes. 2019 was a year of changes, not that I initially wanted to make any of them. But I did. So for the past week, I have been meditating on what my 2020 will look like. Whew, girl it was eye opening. My next blog post will lead you through that process so you can kick a$$ in 2020!


Enough back story. My deepest meditations left me with the feeling of searching and longing. The goals and dreams led back to mushroom hunting, jam making and handmade items. I kept seeing more women’s-only events where we learned new skills. So, this year I want to return to the things that feel nourishing and native to me. “Re-wilding” is the permission I am giving myself to be the wild woman I have always loved being. She is kind, loving and caring but fierce to protect her people and her craft. She is daring and funny, with long leg hair and still finds herself beautiful. She loves natural magic in this world and cultivates it by tending ecosystems and growing gardens. She takes care of herself without shame and judgement. At some point I lost her because it wasn’t socially acceptable to be her.

So welcome to 2020 with me, Evie! If any of what I said resonates with you, follow me on instagram (@nativenebula) and say hello! We are in this together, wild one.

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Knitting. Coffee. Essential oils. Hiking.

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