How to find your 2020 theme

Hey friends! I hope you have had a lovely new year. We are half way through the first month of a new decade, and if you are anything like me, you have started to slack on new year’s resolutions. Now that I have called myself out, I have to go workout…BRB…

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Earlier, when I spoke about re-wilding, my theme for 2020, I also told you about my soul-searching process to realize that theme. For some this is a word or feeling that comes to you in a dream or while you open the fridge and see nothing to eat, but not me. I have to take time to vision, focus, and meditate to get to the core of what I really want. I’m an over-achieving perfectionist, so usually I think my theme is “do more and you will be happy.” That’s just my anxiety talking. SO I am going to share my steps with you to find your theme for this year.

  1. Find a quiet space. I know it can be hard, so lock yourself in the bathroom or sneak off to your car to zone out for ten minutes. And mamas, don’t feel guilty about this.
  2. Settle into closed eyes and soft breathing. I like to breathe in 4 seconds, hold it for 4, and breathe out slowly for 4 or 6 counts. That way I can slow my breath…and my thousands of thoughts. Do this for 4 rounds.
  3. Now, let your mind wander to something you love to do. Is it cooking? Cleaning? Wine with your ladies? Fishing? Whatever that is, I want you to envision yourself doing that.
  4. I want you to think about how that feels. For me, it is like warm sunshine on my skin and a giggle bubbling up from my belly. That’s pure joy.
  5. Let’s focus on what stops you from that joy. Is it the craziness of constant appointments? Is it you feel guilty about doing them? Is it money?
  6. Write down the first words that come to mind. Chaos, fishing, time, self care, good food.
  7. Circle the one word that resonates GOOD feelings in you. Remember that pure joy thing?
  8. That word is part of your theme, but not all. Look at the BAD feeling words and pick the one that makes you feel the most awful. Circle that word.
  9. Last step. Write the good word on a separate piece of paper. Draw a line underneath it and write the bad word below it and strike it out. Like below




Every morning, I look at this and say “Today I choose to be wild over busy” Wild for me means apologetically myself by doing the things I love (hiking, gardening, drying herbs, knitting) and reject being busy for the sake of feeding into my anxiety, perfectionism and work-a-holic nature. Whew, that’s heavy but girl that’s what this process is about.

If you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to hear your theme for 2020 in the comments or on instagram @nativenebula

Stay wild,

Evie (@nativenebula)

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Knitting. Coffee. Essential oils. Hiking.

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