20s style poverty garden, 2020 that is

It is finally getting colder in Indiana which means I have been organizing. Recently I gathered up all of our seed caches, yes I meant like we are squirrels hiding stuff. Between the husbando and I, we have three shoeboxes full of garden plants. Herbs, veggies, and companion flowers galore.

So instead of me giving these plants away, I am taking a new approach. Usually, we plant a small garden in the back yard, where we have very little sunlight thanks to these lovely trees plants 60 years ago. So, logically we would utilize our front yard, the land of sunshine to grow our gardens. This is where the first internal struggle comes in. 1) We live in town. A small town, but a town all the same. Since the early 1940s, the veggie garden in one’s front yard has fallen out of favor. They can look rather weedy, junky, and “white trash.”

The second issue: what if someone steals our veggies. Now, this was not a thought that crossed my mind but anyone who I tell my idea to. Peyton and I like growing plants, we eat a fraction of what we plant and give away or sell the rest. So even if someone stole everything except a cucumber, tomato and onion, I would be happy. Also, I worry about our neighborhood and their availability to fresh food. So if someone steals enough tomatoes to feed their family for a weekend, go for it. It’s not really stealing if i want people to take it and use it, right?

So after considering both of these objections, I have decided to “re-wild” my soul and life, I DON’T CARE. (listen to fall out boy serenade you here) My yard may be a little untidy, but I am feeding myself and the people around me. I can’t wait to share with you the plans and plants in March.


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