Re-wilding: what will my reflection show?

Hey Wild Ones,

I wanted to give you an update on the things I have done so far this year that have fit my theme “re-wilding” to inspire you. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check it out here. Otherwise, onward to the list:

  • used my herbs/oils every day
  • meditated every day
  • went to therapy instead of canceling
  • attended a vision board workshop with an amazing group of women
  • made so many cookies
  • ate a clean diet that I cooked most of (I’m not freaking martha stewart)
  • went to the gym 4 times a week

Before you leave, I need to tell you a secret. I asked for help with all of these things. This is what bloggers and instagram perfect mamas don’t tell you: they. get. help. For the first four things, I had to ask my husband to take care of house work so I could do those things. For the clean diet, I had to ask my mom if I could borrow her instapot so I could make stuff quickly. And for the gym, I have a contract with my job that pays me to go and supports me. So what I really should be saying on my “look at what I have done” list is:

  • I asked people for help.
  • I didn’t feel guilty about it.

So I hope you stuck with me to get to the point of this post because so often we see others accomplishments as being done in a vacuum, just by that person, all by herself. It’s shit. Rachel Hollis’ “Girl stop apologizing” called out this believe that I had that you have to be superwoman all by yourself AND I realized that if I was going to be the wild woman I am meant to be, that means accepting help as it comes.

How are you going to ask for help this week?

Stay wild,

Evie (@nativenebula)

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Knitting. Coffee. Essential oils. Hiking.

One thought on “Re-wilding: what will my reflection show?”

  1. Evie! I love the sentiment here. I’ve vowed to make my 2020 mantra “improvement, not perfection” and asking for help should be a part of that! Thank you for reminding me of that ❤️


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